About Wilderness Gallery


     Juergen is taking photographs professionally for over 20 years.  Landscapes of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific are part of his award-winning imagery. His passion for landscape and wildlife photography brought him to the Westcoast of the South Island many years ago. He lives in Hokitika with his wife Monika and daughter Anna, where the family has established the Wilderness Gallery...creating a perfect environment to profile Juergen's fresh and inspiring images as well as showcasing the beauty of the Coast.

      The love for the West Coast has become a major source of inspiration in his life. "The well-being that I experience on location manifests itself in the quality of my imagery. When I see it and feel it, only then can I capture the essence of the moment in order to achieve unique and true standalone images with artistic quality.  Marcel Prousts words: "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" reflect the challenge I seek when I am out with my camera."

      In an age with digital cameras and virtually endless possibilities in post-production, Juergen is not employing any serious post-production techniques. His main efforts are in getting it right in the camera, instead of spending valuable time on the computer. For him the magic happens in the camera and in the field, not in the digital darkroom. "I think this is the way nature photography should be done."               

     Juergen's images are featured in many corporate and private collections worldwide.

     His portfolio also covers a wide range of commercial photography and images are available for license.